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On march 10 every year, world kidney day is observed. In 2016, it has become even more essential to raise awareness about this organ keeping in mind the rapid elevation in kidney diseases. The steps that are taken to keep the kidneys healthy help the rest of the body too. Go your doctor and get some tips on how you can keep your kidney health in check. Your doctor can give u best suggestion for your kidney and your health. But I think, Consume foods that are healthy for your heart like fresh fruits and vegetables,whole grains and low-fat dairy foods. 100% stop smoking and drinking. Alcohol, drug, etc is not good for your health. It can damage your heard fully. If you can't stop,  Limit your alcohol consumption and if you are a smoker, quit the butt as early as you can. Lessen the amount of salt that you consume on daily basis and also become more physically active. Refrain from eating fatty foods, oily food and ensure that you keep a check on your weight. Control your blood glucose level, manage your blood pressure and also keep a check on your cholesterol level. Make sure that you get your urine and blood checked for kidney diseases.
Discuses your doctor keep yourself away from kidney diseases.
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